Plug-in Led Drivers

2. Plug-in input and mini DC socket / cable output
3. Class II/ 2 protection against electric shock from direct and indirect contact

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plug-in led drivers

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model : SMT-012-048VP 12V plug in led driver

This plug-in LED driver includes a 6-foot cord and plug, and one attached terminal block for 4 power cord connections. This driver provides overload, overheat, and short-circuit protection.


2. Plug-in input and mini DC socket / cable output

3. Class II/ 2 protection against electric shock from direct and indirect contact 

4. SELV output

5. No load power consumption no more than 0.3W

6. Auto restart after fault conditions removal

7. Efficiency no less than 70%,AC230V,full load

8. constant voltage led driver output: 12v 4a 48w

more specification:

plug-in led drivers.jpg

12V and 24V plug in led driver Adapters convert the AC voltage of homes and businesses to the low voltage of LED light fixtures. Converting your voltage with a DC Adapter is easy: just plug your LED lights into the 1/4 inch jack of the LED light adapter either directly or using a connectors. An adapter is the right choice if you are installing just a few light fixtures, or want to avoid making a permanent installation with a bigger, hard-wired power supply / led driver. Our LED plug in driver adapter is a single output dc output conenction type.

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