32v Led Driver

32v Led Driver

Great switching power supply for home appliances
High quality material, durable and safety in use

Product Details

32v led driver

Specification of 32v led driver

- Watts: 12W
- Input Voltage: AC 100-265V
- Output Voltage: DC 20-35V
- Output Current: 350mA
- Frequency: 47/63Hz
- Shell Material: plastic case 
- Working Temperature:0~40 degrees celsius 
- Storage Temperature: -20~60 degrees celsius

32v led driver


Application of 32v led driver

- Only indoor use, non-waterproof. 
- High quality material, durable and safety in use. 
- Great switching power supply for home appliances. 
- A new style Switching Power Supply which can keep the voltage stability.


Attentions of 32v led driver

1. When the power supply is working, please do not touch it. 
2. This product is suitable for indoor use, non-detachable power shell.
3. Please DO NOT let the unit work long hours over rated current! Normally it is better to work under 80% of rated current. 
4. External power supply round hole mesh heat vents, in the range of 50cm within the outlet,do not place other flammable items.

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