Dimmable LED Power Supply 12v

Flicker-free dimming
Commercial retrofit
12V and 24V models
Class 2
ETL listed

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Product Details

dimmable LED power supply 12v


0-10V Dimmable LED power supply are essential components for retrofitting low voltage LED fixtures in 0-10V control systems. These power supplies are ideal for commercial applications designed with 0-10V systems, are rated for wet and dry locations, and offer a smooth, continuous dimming. These drivers are engineered to work with 0-10V dimming controls for superior dimming performance.

Features & Benefits

Flicker-free dimming

Commercial retrofit

12V and 24V models

Class 2

ETL listed

Product information

Part number



DC Voltage


Voltage Accuracy


Rated current


Rated power



Voltage Range

100~130VAC, 170~265VAC, 100-265VAC

Frequency Range


Power Factor ( Typ.)

PF≧0.9/110V / PF≧0.9/220V

Full Load Efficiency(Typ.)

>86%(110V)/ >88%(220V)

AC Current(Typ.)

0.16A(120V) / 0.284A(220V)

Leakage current

﹤0.35mA/120VAC / ﹤0.7mA/220VAC

Safety & Warnings

• Install in accordance with the National Electric Code, and local regulations.

• This product is intended to be installed and serviced by a qualified, licensed electrician.

• Only install compatible LED fixtures and controls. Contact technical support or visit the product page for compatible products.

• Proper heat dissipation will prolong the working lifespan of this product. Install in a well-ventilated area free from explosive gases and vapors.

• Ensure applicable wire is installed between driver, fixture, and any controls in between. When choosing wire, factor in voltage drop, amperage rating, and type (in-wall rated, wet location rated, etc.). Inadequate wire installation could overheat wires, and cause a fire.

• Do not install if product has any visible damage.

• Do not modify or disassemble this product beyond instructions or the warranty will be void.

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