Dimmable LED Power Supply 12v

Flicker-free dimming
Commercial retrofit
12V and 24V models
Class 2
ETL listed

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Product Details

dimmable LED power supply 12v


Used in conjunction with conventional dimmers to dim LED strips, LED bulbs and other low voltage LEDs.

Compatible with forward and reverse phase, triac, ELV dimmer

Warning: Do not open or modify the LED power. Please keep your child away from high voltage power. Please use it under the guidance of a professional electrician. Any misuse or improper use will void the warranty.

At the same time that LED shines, LED drive power is the top priority of LED industry chain development. The life and reliability of LED drive power directly affect the long life of LED light source. Therefore, while the LED industry chain continues to integrate and develop, the maturity of LED drive power technology plays a decisive factor.

LEDs have many advantages, such as environmental protection, energy saving, small size, long life, etc., which will gradually replace traditional fluorescent and incandescent lamps in future general lighting. The driving power performance is the key to ensure the overall performance of the LED. Therefore, the LED driving power supply must have the advantages of small size, long life and high reliability.

Features & Benefits

Flicker-free dimming

Commercial retrofit

12V and 24V models

Class 2

ETL listed

Product information

Part number



DC Voltage


Voltage Accuracy


Rated current


Rated power



Voltage Range

100~130VAC, 170~265VAC, 100-265VAC

Frequency Range


Power Factor ( Typ.)

PF≧0.9/110V / PF≧0.9/220V

Full Load Efficiency(Typ.)

>86%(110V)/ >88%(220V)

AC Current(Typ.)

0.16A(120V) / 0.284A(220V)

Leakage current

﹤0.35mA/120VAC / ﹤0.7mA/220VAC

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