Constant Current Driver Led

500mA constant current led driver
CE ETL ROHS approved

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Constant current driver led



Part #: SMT-060-0500CW. Output voltage range: 100-265Vac. Constant current output: 500mA. Max Wattage: 30 watt. Input voltage range: 30-60Vdc. LED working voltages must be within this range for driver to operate. For this item, we got CE ETL ROHS approved and we give 2 years warranty. We do aluminum IP67 and plastic IP20 two version. Widely used on led panel, led downlight, led bulb, led spotlight.


How do you know if an LED device needs constant current or constant voltage?

Constant-voltage LED drivers will typically have a fixed voltage rating of 12 V, 24 V, or some other voltage rating with a range of current or maximum current. Constant-current LED drivers will have similar ratings but be given as a fixed amp (A) or milliamp (mA) value with a range of voltages or maximum voltage. The LED device should give an indication of what its power requirements are, along with nominal ranges for voltage and current. If it’s just an LED, then current control is necessary to prevent the LED from going into thermal runaway.


Which is better?

For industrial lighting, a constant-current driver is common. The drivers are designed to power pre-designed LED systems and may require redesign to account for changes.


Typically, constant-voltage LED drivers are more flexible. This is because more LEDs can be added until the maximum current capability of the constant-voltage LED driver is reached, and then any further LEDs will reduce the available power to every LED, only lowering the brightness.


So how is thermal runaway prevented in constant-voltage LED drivers? Current regulation circuitry is typically included and packaged with the LED, or the constant-voltage LED driver is meant only to power that specific device, such as with an LED light bulb or LED Christmas lights.

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