12 Volt Ac To Dc Power Supply

12 Volt Ac To Dc Power Supply

AC input range:100-240VAC
Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
2 year warranty

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Product Details

12 volt ac to dc power supply

LED Drive power supply function: 

LED driver Power is a voltage converter that converts alternating voltage to a specific voltage current to drive led light-emitting, typically: the input of the 12 Volt AC to Dc power Supply includes high voltage power frequency ac (ie mains), low voltage DC, High voltage DC, low voltage high-frequency communication (e.g., loss of electronic Transformers). Out) and so on. 

And the output of LED drive power is mostly the constant current source which can change the voltage with the positive pressure drop value of the LED.

Enclosed-Single Output Power Supply
320 Watt, 12V @ 26.67A

Product Input Specifications

  • Input Voltage:100-240VAC

  • Input Frequency:40-60Hz

  • Power Factor:0.70-0.82

  • 110V Inrush Current:25A

  • 230V Inrush Current:45A

Product Output Specifications

  • Output Voltage:12±0.5Vdc

  • Max. Output Power:320W

  • Output Current:26.67A±5%

  • Efficiency:79~83%/110~220V

  • Load Regulation:≦±10%

Reference Srandards

Safety Standards:GB195110.1-2004/IEC61347-1:2003    UL, CE(EMC+LVD) approval

EMC Standard:EN55015, EN61000, EN61547


12 volt ac to dc power supply


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