Led 24 V Power Supply

Input Voltage 100~240Vac
SMT-024-250SA 24v 250 watt
Constant Voltage switching power supply

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LED 24 v power supply

LED light project that need a fixed 24 volts of output voltage but a varying amount of output current require a led 24 v power supply. SMARTS constant voltage drivers combine a steady 24V DC with a range of wattages to LED lighting fixtures like module lights, strip lights, panel lights, etc. As you add LEDs to a lighting fixture, the LED Driver will deliver more output current until it reaches its max available wattage.

Breif spec:

Constant Voltage switching power supply


Input Voltage 100~240Vac

Frequency 40-60Hz 

Input Current 1.78±0.002A 

Power Factor 0.73-0.85 

Output Voltage 24.0±0.5Vdc 

Max. Output Power 250w

Output Current 10.42A±5% 

Efficiency >83%/110V, 220V

Using Field :-25~55℃ -40~80℃ ≤25℃ 5-95%RH Forbidding Strong Magnetic Field

Safety Standards:GB195110.1-2004/IEC61347-1:2003 UL,CE(EMC+LVD) certificate

EMC Standard:EN55015,EN61000,EN61547

ETL listed.

More details: 

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SMARTS design the cooling fan for LED 12 volt and 24 volt switching power supplies on wattage of 250w, 320w,350w,400w,500w to release hot.. while other wattage which are lower 250w, they are releasing heat by inner componients. 

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