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ADD: 7th Floor No. 3 Building No. 928 Nanhuan Road Changtai Str. Wuxing Area licheng Dist. Quanzhou, Fujian, China

TEL: +86-595-27256889

M/P: +8613489577737

E-mail: sales1@smartselectronics.com

Quanzhou Smarts Electronic & Technology Co.,Ltd

Supply capacity:

50000pcs / months, OEM design & packing is welcomed.

Production capacity:

production line 6, production staff of 300-500 people, R & D personnel to reach 10 people. OEM desin & OEM packing is welcomed.

Production Equipment:

SMD,Earthing resistance testing device,digital electric bridge device,Reflow soldering device,EMI testing device, burn-in test room. etc.