dimmer for led driver

- Sep 07, 2017 -

LUTRON dimmer

What’s the dimmer?

Dimmer: The purpose of the dimmer is to adjust the brightness of the led light. By reducing or increasing the RMS voltage to cause the average power of the light, produced the different intensity of the light output. Although variable voltage devices can be used for a variety of purposes, mainly is intended to control lighting.


The scope of the dimmer is: small units size of the normal light switch for home lighting, high power led drivers be used in the Grand Theater or architectural lighting. Usually small unit dimmers are directly controlled, high power units with remote control system. Modern professional dimmers generally use DMX or Ethernet digital control system.


In professional lighting industry, the strength changes of led driver called"disappear" and can "disappear" or "disappear". Dimmers, manual control directly the number restrictions,  their speed can be different, but this problem has been basically eliminated in the modern digital forces (although the brightness changes speed is very fast may still can avoid other reasons which impact the led light life.


Modern led dimmers are built in thyristors (1373), not potentiometers or variable resistors,  because they have higher efficiency. By switching and closing, the silicon-controlled rectifier is not hot (the efficiency is close to 1.0).

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