How to choose high quality LED Driver?

- Feb 01, 2018 -

How to choose high quality LED Driver?

Here are some points you should to know before you choose high quality LED driver.


1.  driving chips—IC

IC is the core for a led driver, which affects the whole driver directly. The driving chip IC of big enterprises often uses wafer package, however, the driving IC technique of small companies just copies the driving design of big enterprises, which can’t assure the stability and consistency of IC, then affect the driving supply’s work after using several days. So IC of LED led driver refuses polishing, which makes the lighting manufactures easy to know the IC case and calculate the driving cost and purchase the products by a reasonable price.


2. electrolytic capacitor and chip ceramic capacitor

As we know that it is very important to assurance the quality and lifespan of input electrolytic capacitor, however, we always ignore them. In fact, the output electrolytic capacitor greatly influences the lifespan of led driver. The output switching frequency is above 60,000 per second, which results in the parasitic resistance of electrolytic capacitor emitting heat and producing the substance seems like scale.


3. transformer

The transformer determines the power and temperature resistance. The transformer is responsible for accomplishing the process of “alternating current—magnetic energy—direct current”. The core of transformer is chip and coil.


4. certification

The certifications also can show quality of led drivers in some ways.

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