How to match LED light fixture dimming power supply

- May 18, 2018 -

How to match LED light fixture dimming power supply?

LED lighting can be matched with the lighting control system. The key link is: choose the right dimming power supply!

Different dimming methods for different environments and requirements are common to every dimming project. For example: at the beginning of the project which it didn't design application dimming,  if the line was already on site, but party A asked to join the dimming function?? How to deal with this issue? It is necessary to use triac dimming method to control the lamps. Because 0-10V dimming or DALI dimming both of these power supplies are signal line control. So you can only choose the triac dimming mode, because the triac dimming power supply is to control the input power to achieve the dimming effect!

Different environments, different situations, different customer demands, the applied dimming method will be different, so this part of the power dimming is very important! In particular, it relates to a triac dimming control system or dimmer as triac dimming is to change the AC voltage waveform to achieve the effect of dimming.

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