led strip power supply

- Oct 17, 2017 -

led strip power supply

led strip power supply

    How to Connect led Strips to Power Supply

Connecting LED strips to power supply is fairly simple, it just changes depending on your power source and such. For those going with a plug in power supply, the output connection is usually a 5.5* 2.1mm Male plug. Luckily full reels of strips come with a 2.1mm female plug to make a seamless connection, if you have a shorter length, you can use the screw-in terminal connectors.

With hardwired power supplies it is a little different as they have wire leads coming off, no direct plugs. If your strip has the 2.1mm female plug on it then it might be easiest to connect a screw-in terminal connector (2.1 male) to the output wires of the power supply so you can make a well connection. You also have the option of cutting the connector off your strips and just making wire to wire connections using solder or wire nuts.


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