Selecting an LED drivers

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Selecting an LED drivers

    1.    Current and voltage mode: The LED drivers are either constant current or constant voltage.

    2.    The Constant current drivers provide a fixed output current and may have a wide range of output voltages. An example of a constant current driver is one with 700mA output current and with an output voltage range of 4-13 V Dc drivers.

    3.     The constant voltage LED drivers provides a fixed output voltage and a maximum regulated output current. These are sued to power led systems that require a stable voltage of say 12 or 24 Volts DC. a typical driver may provide 24V and a maximum output current of 1.04A

    4.   Physical size: to ensure that it fits in the area it is to be fixed.

    5.   Ingress IP rating of the casing gives an indication of the environmental protection provided by the outer casing of the driver against ingress of moisture, dust and other objects or liquids.

    6.    Other factors considered include the power factor, maximum wattage, dimming ability and the compliance with international regulatory standards such as the UL1310 in regard to safety.

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