what driver for led strip

- Oct 20, 2017 -

what driver for led strip

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The first option would be to go with a plug-in power brick. Wall Mounted or desktop power adapter will plug directly into your wall outlet and switch the line voltage down to 12VDC for the strips. This is convenient for smaller applications or in spots where you have a hidden outlet that is out of the way. It certainly makes wiring easier as you just plug in and don’t have to connect wires directly to main lines.

Second option, a hardwired power supply/led driver that connects straight to 120VAC lines and then outputs the safe low DC voltage to your led strips. These led driver/ power supplies typically come in more discrete sizes and can be much easier to hide within walls or wherever needed. Caged, Open Frame Power supplies typically fall in this category as well and are very helpful with their screw-in terminal ports for easy connections and multiple ports. This is definitely a more professional look than just plugging straight into a wall but it will require you to have main lines readily available by your lights.

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