What to consider when use LED downlights??

- Sep 14, 2017 -

What to consider when use LED downlights??

With the rapid transition from halogen to LED lights, it is important to understand the new ways to use LED downlights in room designing. Here are four main factors shouls be considered. 

Use less downlights

Designers often tend to flood a space with lights. However, lighting down from a ceiling is extremely efficient as a ceiling has enough space for fittings. Designers must try to light something physical with a downlight rather than just a space.

Avoid ubiquitous row of ceiling spots

It is always better to avoid ubiquitous row of ceiling spots that are so alluring to position and install. Instead, position a light fitting where the light is required.

In case customers demand symmetry in the ceiling, designers need to choose fittings that double or even triple the downlight source inside a ceiling fitting and guarantee they are adaptable.

One should go for a recessed fitting that sinks into the ceiling. This type of fixture usually contains a black recess. However, there are many types of fittings available to choose from.

Opt for beam width options

as LED lights provide a lot of variety in lighting. It is suggested to specify a wider beamed light for the fittings around the perimeter of a room. The light will wash down the wall, and push walls back, while tightening the pools of light within the room. In this way, the lighting is defined and not simply washed all over the place.

Be careful

Be careful of the changeover from halogen to LED downlights, and understand the relative lumens levels (strength of light) between both the technologies.

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