How Do LED Drivers Open Up New Opportunities?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

How do LED drivers open up new opportunities?


24 Volt Transformer For Led Lights.jpgMagnetic components have the highest physical quality and are sensitive to high temperatures, improving the robustness and mechanical stability of LED drivers. Since the switching frequency is very high, the entire converter can be modulated during dimming without causing visible flicker. In this way, the converter can operate under optimal operating conditions with the highest efficiency and lowest loss. This makes for a very flat efficiency curve. This can be used to achieve higher dimming efficiency in a particular lighting device, or to use a given driver in a wider range of lighting devices while achieving high efficiency of all lighting devices.

In summary, in terms of size and reliability, LED drivers have become one of the main bottlenecks of LED lighting. The technology behind the driver provides the basic advantages of LED lighting, with a smaller form factor, higher reliability and higher efficiency.

With the continuous improvement of traditional power solutions and the continuous improvement of LED technology, the requirements for miniaturization continue to increase, providing new technologies and solutions for next-generation LED lighting. By combining RF industry circuits with power electronics design methods, new topologies can be designed to achieve no switching losses. Thereby, the need for passive energy storage components is reduced, thereby enabling the removal of heavy and bulky magnetic components and temperature sensitive electrolytic capacitors.

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