How To Determine The Correct Wire Gauge?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

How to determine the correct Wire Gauge?

1. Calculate the total length of wire from the power supply to the LED strip.

2. Determine the amount of current (amps) in the wire. To do this, add the total length (footage) of LED strip(s) that are connected to the power supply, and multiply by the wattage per foot of the strip.

Example: Colorbright Color changing RGB300 consumes 4.4 watts per foot. If you

are using 16 feet. (16 x 4.4) = 70.4 watts

3. Divide the total wattage of your strips by 12 (if using 12 volt strips) to get the total current

(amps). If you are using 24 volt strips, divide by 24. Now you have the current (amps).

Example 1: 70.4 watts divided by 12 = 5.87 amps

Example 2: 70.4 watts divided by 24 = 2.93 amps

4. The correct wire gauge is found in the intersection of amps and feet as seen in the chart below.

Note: The wire itself draws current. If you are running longer lengths of wire than the total length of strips, use the next thickest wire. On the AWG scale, a LOWER number indicates a THICKER wire.

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