How To Extend The Life Of LED?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

How to extend the life of LED?


60 Watt Led Power Supply.jpgAt present, the LED lighting market is rapidly expanding. With this business opportunity, more LED technology has emerged. In the past, LED bulbs only focused on the interaction of light, heat and electricity. However, the theory of “photothermal power unity” combines four elements of light, heat, electricity and color. This technology can accurately adjust the brightness and color temperature of LED bulbs. Reduce color unevenness caused by temperature and parts aging.

In order to apply the theory to the market, the research unit has also developed corresponding LED drivers and transformers. This driver is different from the conventional liquid electrolytic container, and it is easy to affect the light output due to the temperature. The solid electrolytic container can withstand a large temperature difference and there is no problem of uneven illumination. The LED transformer is composed of iron and copper wire. Compared with the semiconductor chip currently used, the loss rate is lower, and 85% of the parts can be reused, reducing the electronic waste of the LED.

The new LED driver is a modified street light. In addition to more accurate color temperature, the life of LED energy-saving street lamps has been raised from 3 years to more than 10 years. The new LED street lamps have been applied to outdoor lighting.

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