How To Pick LED Strips Up?

- Sep 10, 2018 -

How to pick LED strips up?


Constant Current LED Driver 18W 300ma 48V Regulated LED Power Supply.jpgMore and more LED light strip products are deeply loved by users, and the market of LED light strips is gradually expanding, due to the variety of LED light strip market prices. The quality is also uneven, a preferential price, a good quality quality is the most demanded by customers. First of all, you have to understand what LED strips you want to buy are applied to what products. LED light strip types can be divided into FPC light strips, line light strips, and fiber optic strips. Different LED strips have different advantages. Different products are suitable for different strips. For example, fiber strips are more suitable for hats. , pockets, backpacks, etc.

Generally, the package size used by LEDs is 3528, 0806 and 5050. It is also important to choose the specifications. For example, 0806 is more suitable for handicraft decoration, while 5050 is more suitable for clothes, and it can be used in places where there is insufficient light. The vehicle is seen ahead of time to avoid danger. LED strip color can be selected in a variety of colors, the general colors are RGB, blue, red, cyan, pink and white. It's important to pick the color. If you want to decorate the LED strip on a pink bag, choose a green light and you won't be able to pick it up.

The choice of LED strips is based on the selection of your product to select the LED strips you want to fit your product for installation.

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