Power Supply Parameter---Protection Level

- May 24, 2018 -

Power supply parameter---Protection Level

At present, each lighting manufacturer has encountered many problems in the practical application of LEDs due to short-term power failures, faults, and other issues. Product quality problems and high after-sale maintenance costs have caused huge losses to manufacturers, and have also undermined consumer confidence in LED lighting products. This, in turn, has affected the development of the entire LED lighting industry. ITherefore t is very important to chose a suitable led driver.

LED lighting are divided into outdoor and indoor areas, and the Led power supply driver is also divided into these two categories. Normally, we can choose the power supp;y without the protection grade in the indoor dry environment. If the power supply is used outdoors, the protection grade is the parameter that must be considered.

Smarts Electronics has two levels of protection on led power supply. We have IP20 Led Driver 220v  and IP67 Led Driver 150w, our led driver can meet you request wheather indoor or outdoor.

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