The Role Of Led Power Supply.

- May 22, 2018 -

The role of led power supply.

LED drive power supply is convert ac voltage to a specific voltage current to drive the LED voltage converter, normally: LED drive power supply input, including high voltage power frequency ac (mains), low voltage, high voltage direct current, low voltage high frequency ac dc (such as the output of electronic transformer). The output of the LED power supply is mostly the constant current source that can change the voltage with the change of the positive pressure drop of the LED.

Constant current power driver: refers to using the constant current power supply for power supply, LED constant current power supply output current is constant, the output of the dc ting will follow the change of the load resistance changes within a certain range, load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, the greater the load resistance, the higher the output voltage. LED constant current power supply carries cricket is Gu, such as 10 w leds is to use 10 w constant current source, can in LED Lantern Festival and the LED brightness equalization ways, constant current source driving leds it is the most ideal way.

Constant voltage drive is refers to the use of regulated power supply for LED power supply, regulated power supply is when each parameter is determined, the output voltage within a fixed, while the current output changes with the size of the load. With voltage drive power drive LED, each string of need and the resistance of the right to can make each string of brightness LED the international average, such as resistance or have LED lights in each LED lamp bead bead current changes in brightness change happens, often under the condition of using multiple lamp bead, using a regulated power supply drive less because the lamp series, the more cases and the resistance of it, the more it will loss more additional current, in the case of lamp bead amount is not a lot of the use of more.

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