What Are The New Requirements For LED Drivers?

- Sep 11, 2018 -

What are the new requirements for LED drivers?


110-277vAC 7 Years Warranty UL Approval Led Dimmable Driver.jpgWith the development of LED lighting towards smart green, LED drive miniaturization design can help LED lamps save space more effectively, reduce production costs, and allow lamps to gain greater design freedom. Miniaturized design development is an inevitable trend; Since the emerging LED lighting applications need to achieve richer dimming and color matching at the same time, and to ensure the safety of the circuit, it is necessary to consider the functions of implementing various dimming and color grading at the same time of design, and have protection and diagnosis functions. Thereby ensuring the LED lamps work well.

This means that in the face of these many new requirements and numerous LED driver solutions, LED driver design will tend to be smaller and functionally integrated. They not only integrate different LED luminaires, but also design LED drivers. Small, more in line with the luminaire, but also to consider different situations in different environments, to integrate more functions.

The main function of LED driver is to convert the power supply to a specific voltage and current to drive LED illumination. The conversion efficiency of the driver is very important. The external environment is complex, and the LED driver can respond to different environments and respond at high speed. At the same time, due to the rise of emerging applications such as smart lighting, LED luminaires will need to be dimmed more quickly than before. These require the driver to work stably and efficiently, otherwise all power that is not converted into light will be It is converted into heat and consumed.

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