What Categories Can DC Drives Be Divided Into?

- Sep 05, 2018 -

What categories can DC drives be divided into?


24v Dc Led Driver.jpgThe basic principle of the DC step-down driver is to use the switching device with the reactive device to drive the LED to work after the current supply is stepped down. The series step-down driver has a simple structure and a high conversion efficiency. The main disadvantage of this type of driver is that once the main switching device is damaged, a large current will directly burn the arc tube through the arc tube. Obviously, this solution cannot be used when the supply voltage is lower than the load tube voltage drop.

The basic principle of the DC boost driver is to work with the switching device in conjunction with the energy storage boost current limit of the reactive device. The conversion efficiency of the boost driver is also relatively high. Its more significant advantage is that it will not damage the LED when it fails. Boost drivers can only be used when the load tube voltage drop is always higher than the supply voltage. When the load tube pressure is lower than the power supply voltage, the driver will lose control, and a large current directly passes through the light-emitting tube to burn the light-emitting tube. When the input of the DC low voltage is small, the number of the light-emitting tubes used may be selected as a step-down driver or a boost driver, and the parallel connection of the light-emitting tubes may be avoided in parallel. If the number of arc tubes is large, the booster driver should be used. It is also possible to connect the tubes in parallel or in parallel.

The converter type driver uses a switching device in combination with a high-frequency transformer to realize energy transfer from the primary to the secondary, and at the same time, performs voltage/voltage conversion to drive the LED. The voltage at the output of the driver is not restricted by the input voltage. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the number of LEDs connected in series. It is flexible and suitable for the fluctuation of the supply voltage in the vicinity of the load tube voltage drop. It is also suitable for the supply voltage and load tube. The situation where the pressure drop is very different. The disadvantage is that the circuit is complicated and the conversion efficiency is slightly lower than the above two types of drivers. If the input DC high voltage drives the small power tube, the series step-down driver can be used. To drive the high power tube, the driver of the converter structure should be selected from the viewpoint of safety.

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