What Is The LED Driver Market Analysis?

- Sep 12, 2018 -

What is the LED driver market analysis?


12v 1 Amp Power Adapter.jpgThrough market analysis and forecasting, LED drivers will grow rapidly in the next 5 to 10 years, especially in the North American market, which will maintain a growth rate of 4% to 6% AGR.

LED driver OEM market opportunities are huge, according to forecasts, by 2023, only the size of independent LED drivers will reach $3.5 billion in the US market. For such a large market, it can be said that performance and price are the key points of competition. For Chinese R&D and design companies, manufacturers and foundries are huge opportunities, and of course they face challenges. However, no matter how serious the market is, what a big development opportunity, the direction of the company is clear: attach importance to research and development, design and manufacture high-end talents, the industry continues to iteratively upgrade, form new products, excellent performance and lower cost of virtuous cycle development of.

LED drivers and controllers will be the core components of future lighting IoT. It can be said that whoever masters the core design of the driver will be able to proactively design superior products and seize the market, and will become the dominant player in the future lighting industry.

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