What Is The Reason For The Lack Of LED Driver Power?

- Aug 29, 2018 -

What is the reason for the lack of LED driver power?


50 Watt Led Driver.jpgThe production of LED lighting and related technical personnel has insufficient understanding of the switching power supply, and the power supply can work normally, but some critical evaluations and electromagnetic compatibility considerations are not enough, and there are certain hidden dangers. Most of the LED power supply production is from the ordinary switching power supply to do LED power supply, the LED characteristics and use of understanding are not enough. There are few standards for LEDs, most of which are based on the standards of switching power supplies and electronic rectifiers. Most LED power supplies are not uniform, so most of them are relatively small. The purchase volume is small, the price is high, and the component suppliers are not very cooperative.

Improve life and extend the use of lamps. The overall life of the drive circuit, especially the critical components such as the life of the capacitor at high temperatures directly affects the life of the power supply. Improve efficiency and improve the light efficiency of the luminaire. LED drivers should challenge higher conversion efficiency, especially when driving high-power LEDs, because all power that is not used as light output is dissipated as heat, and the power conversion efficiency is too low, which affects the energy-saving effect of LEDs. Reduce costs and increase purchasability. In applications with low power, the proportion of constant current drive power supply has been close to 1/3, which is close to the cost of the light source, which has affected the market to some extent.

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