What Is The Role Of The Driver In The LED Light?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

What is the role of the driver in the LED light?


Switching Power Adapter Dc 24 V.jpgLED drive power is the key to LED luminaires. It is like a person's heart. To manufacture high-quality LED luminaires for lighting, it is necessary to abandon constant voltage to drive LEDs. Constant current source driving is the best LED driving method. It is driven by constant current source. It does not need to connect current limiting resistors in the output circuit. The current flowing through the LED is not affected by external power supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, and discrete LED parameters. The effect is to keep the current constant and give full play to the various excellent characteristics of the LED.

LED constant current power supply is used to supply power to LED lamps. Since the current flowing through the LEDs is automatically detected and controlled during power supply operation, there is no need to worry that excessive current flows through the LEDs at the moment of power-on, and there is no need to worry about short-circuiting of the load. Bad power supply.

Constant current driving mode, which can avoid the change of LED forward voltage and cause current fluctuation, while constant current makes the brightness of LED stable, and it is also convenient for LED lamp factory to ensure product consistency when mass production is implemented. Therefore, many manufacturers have already Fully aware of the importance of the drive power, many LED luminaire manufacturers have abandoned the constant voltage mode, and chose a relatively high-cost constant current mode to drive the LED luminaire.

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