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Quanzhou Smarts Electronic & Technology Co.,Ltd


Smarts power logo original 

● smart: smart team, smart supplier and smart customers.

● smarts: all of us are smart. Then add “s” after smart.

● power : power supply. 

● Smarts power: smarts power supply power your life.

Company mission:

Just try to find a way to success , Do not make an excuse for failure.

President words:

You are experts if do the complex things in a easy way, while if you repeat to do a simple things withoiut slack, ten you are professional. But if you repeat the works with effort, your are the winner.

Service mission

United, struggle,passion, effort!

Staff’s slogan:

We will succeed when our customers are successful, and the sucess of our company is along with our success.

To all of you:

We are family! Come and work with SMARTS POWER!