Dimmable Led Driver Constant Current

300mA dimmable constant current led driver
Triac dimmable led driver

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Dimmable Led Driver Constant Current



Input Voltage: 100-130V/ 170-265VAC/47-63Hz

Output: 15-25Vdc 300mA 7.5w


Dimension: 140*45*28mm

Waterproof Rate: IP20

Case Material: plastic

Warranty: 5 years

CE,ETL,FCC,ROHS approval


What is a Constant Current LED Driver?


Constant current LED drivers are designed for a designated range of output voltages and a fixed output current (mA). LEDs that are rated to operate on a constant current driver require a designated supply of current usually specified in milliamps (mA) or amps (A). These drivers vary the voltage along an electronic circuit which allows current to remain constant throughout the LED system. Mean Well’s AP Constant Current Driver is a good example shown below:

dimmable led driver constant current


Higher current ratings do make the LED brighter, but if not regulated, the LED will draw more current than it is rated for. Thermal Runaway refers to excess current beyond the LEDs maximum drive current which results in drastically lower LED life-spans and premature burn outs due to increased temperature. A constant current driver is the best way to drive high power LEDs as it maintains a consistent brightness across all LEDs in-series.

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