12 Volt Dimmable LED Power Supply

No minimum load
Input: TRIAC Dimmed 110V AC
Output: 12V DC 4A (48W Max)

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Product Details

12 volt dimmable LED power supply


The new design is smaller, lighter, has greater operating efficency, has over-current protection, and eliminates problems with buzzing and overheating.

Converts 110V AC to 12V DC while remaining compatible with standard TRIAC wall dimmers (including Lutron, Leviton, and most other standard household wall dimmers). Compatible with forward and reverse phase dimmers.

For use with 12V LED strip lights, LED rope lights, LED puck lights, and more.
Easy to install, mount, and wire. Included AC and DC cords can be removed for use in hard wire installations.

Products introduction
Input: TRIAC Dimmed 110V AC

Output: 12V DC 4A (48W Max)

Efficient operation, high power factor

Single channel output

Size: 178*61*24mm


5 years warranty

No minimum load is required.

Mechanical technology

12 volt dimmable LED power supply

※ Input (L) and (N) with wires to be connected AC.

※ Output  LED SEC :(LED+) (LED-)

Product details

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