12 Volt Dimmable LED Power Supply

No minimum load
Input: TRIAC Dimmed 110V AC
Output: 12V DC 4A (48W Max)

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Product Details

12 volt dimmable LED power supply

The LED power supply is one of the power supplies, and is a device that supplies power to the electronic device, and is also a power supply. It is a device that converts alternating current into direct current through a transformer and a rectifier. This device is called a rectified power source, also called a driving power source. An electronic device that provides a signal is called a signal source. Lithium batteries, dry batteries, rectified power supplies, and signal sources are sometimes called power supplies.


Used in conjunction with conventional dimmers to dim LED strips, LED bulbs and other low voltage LEDs.

Compatible with forward and reverse phase, triac, ELV dimmer

Certificate: ETL / FCC approval

Warning: Do not open or modify the LED power. Please keep your child away from high voltage power. Please use it under the guidance of a professional electrician. Any misuse or improper use will void the warranty.

product description

Input: TRIAC dim 110V AC

Output: 12V DC 4A (maximum 48W)

Efficient operation, high power factor

Single channel output

Size: 178 * 61 * 24mm

ETL, CETL, CE, ROHS approval

5 year warranty

No minimum load is required.

Mechanical technology

12 volt dimmable LED power supply

※ Input (L) and (N) with wires to be connected AC.

※ Output  LED SEC :(LED+) (LED-)

Product details

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