Slim 12v Dc Dimmable Led Driver

slim LED Dimmable Drivers .
12VDC Class 2 standard Dimmable 24 Watt (2A)
paired with hardwired junction box

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Product Details

Slim 12v Dc Dimmable Led Driver

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ated Power


Output Voltage

12 VDC

Input Voltage

100~130VAC / 170-265vac

Rated Current




Voltage Tolerance

±0.5 V

Power Factor

PF ≥ 0.75


> 84%

Environment Temp.

-40°C ~ 60°C plastic ip20 Indoor location


L(155mm) x  W(54mm) x H (20mm)



product drawing:

slim 12v dc dimmable led driver.png


According to the power consumption rules of the power grid and the characteristics of the LED drive power supply, the following points should be considered when selecting and designing the LED drive power supply:

1. High reliability Especially like the driving power of LED street lights, it is installed at high altitude, it is inconvenient to maintain, and the maintenance cost is also large.

2. High-efficiency LEDs are energy-efficient products that drive power supplies with high efficiency. For power installation, the structure of the LED driver in the luminaire is especially important. Since the luminous efficiency of the LED decreases as the temperature of the LED increases, the heat dissipation of the LED is very important. The power supply has high efficiency, its power consumption is small, and the heat generated in the lamp is small, which reduces the temperature rise of the lamp. It is beneficial to delay the light decay of LEDs.

3. High power factor The power factor is the grid's load requirements. Generally, there are no mandatory indicators for electrical appliances below 70 watts. Although the power factor of a single power consumer with low power has little effect on the power grid, at night, everyone lights up, and the similar load is too concentrated, which will cause serious pollution to the power grid.


- Large terminal block, screw assembly

- Suitable for LED home lighting, commercial lighting and other applications

- Safety guard

- Simple installation

- Meets world lighting safety standards

- Protection level

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