Triac Dimmable Led Driver 24v

Triac Dimmable Led Driver 24v

Triac dimmable led driver 24v The Triac LED Dimming Driver provides the required dim level for 24V LED strip lighting systems. Designed for ultimate flexibility, they allow users to easily add their own personal touch to illumination settings. Simple easy wiring direct to any type of standard...

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Triac dimmable led driver 24v


The Triac LED dimming driver provides the required dimming level for the 24V LED strip lighting system. They are extremely flexible, allowing users to easily add their personal touch to the lighting settings.

Simple and convenient wiring is directly connected to any type of standard leading edge or trailing edge dimmer switch, and most home automation systems do not require expensive interface controllers.

This new high-quality triac tunable driver controls 24V LED strips with smooth, uniform dimming and flicker free.


Specification of 24v 48w triac dimmable led driver

  • Low cost, economical LED driver, constant voltage

  • Level 2 power supply

  • Protection: short circuit, overload, over voltage

  • Power input: 100-130 / 170~265VAC 50 / 60Hz

  • Output power: 48W

  • Output voltage: 24V DC

  • Ultra-thin plastic case, IP20

  • -30~70°C wide working range

  • Suitable for economical LED lighting and mobile signage applications

  • Low cost, high reliability

  • 3 year warranty

  • CE: Yes

  • RoHS: Yes

  • ETL: Yes



Depth 24mm

Length 178mm

Width 61mm



Maximum Wattage 48W

Voltage 24V


Dimming Operation

※ By connecting a three-terminal triac dimmer, the pulse width modulation (PWM) of the output voltage can be adjusted through the input terminal of the AC phase line (L).

※ Normally matched with the leading edge triac dimmer (can be customized to match the driver of the trailing edge triac dimmer).

※Please use a dimmer with a power of at least 2.5 times the output power of the driver.

※For normal phase, magnetic low voltage and triac dimmer


Derating Curve

Derating Curve 

※To extend their life, please refer to the Derating Curve and derate according to the temperature

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