3a Constant Voltage Led Driver 24V

Input:100~265vAC / 47-63HZ Output : 24V @3A 72W Working mode: Constant voltage Energy transfer: AC-DC Efficiency: 82%

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3A Constant Voltage Led Driver 24V


If you’re looking to power your low voltage LEDs then look no further – our 72W 3A Constant Voltage Led Driver does the job perfectly.

Its small size makes it practical too, coming in at just 190x 48 x 34mm.

3A Constant Voltage Led Driver

Making The Most of Your Driver

Although you can use your driver to power any LED light that requires a transformer, strip lights really benefit from this product.

You can use this driver with any of our LED tape, though if you do want to use LED strips with it. All other types of LED tape can connect directly to this 72W driver.

If you already know what kind of lights you need to power, then you may need a different driver depending on the wattage of the lights.

Please have a look through our whole range of power supplies to make sure you have the right product for your needs. Over there you can find a huge selection of power adapters,dimmable LED driver, waterproof 3A Constant Voltage Led Driver, 1-10v and Dali drivers.

waterproof 24v 72w led driver.jpg


You also get a 2 year warranty with this item.

You can send us an email at steven@smartselectronic.com.cn, or give us a ring on 2286-3721 if you have any further questions about this driver, installations, wholesale orders or anything else.

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